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on 3rd batch of IDO (8 projects) How does SuiPad Shield work?How SuiPad Shield Works? Currently in the market, most launchpads/IDO platforms do not have protection in place to safeguard users' principal capital against volatility when investing in newer crypto projects, making it an extremely high risk activity for IDO participants. At SuiPad, we have engineered an Insurance feature to protect the user's principal capital. For example, if a user buy the IDO round of a launchpad project, the user can choose to add 15 % of invested funds to buy insurance. The insurance fee will then be sent to the SuiPad Shield Pool. The SuiPad Shield Pool will then cover any potential loss of the user's principal capital for the next 7 days - on the 7th day since the IDO launch, if the average peak price is lower than the IDO price, the SuiPad Shield Pool will cover the differences to the user, so the user's principal capital is well protected. On the other hand, if the project does well, the user's return will be infinity% - 15% paid in insurance costs.Insurance Protocol MechanismLaunchpad participants can decide if they want to purchase SuiPad Shield All the insurance fee will go to the insurance pool directly The fund will be used to repay the loss of IDO investment After 7 days, DAO will calculate the average peak price of 7 days (UTC+0). If the average peak price dropped below the IDO price, the difference will be covered. If the insurance pool do not have enough funds to repay the debt, fund raised from project IDO will be used. If the insurance pool is not utilized, it will be accumulated for the subsequent launches. SuiPad Staking & Tiering SuiPad Tier System is one of the core of SuiPad Platform, ensuring certain level of commitment and allowing stakers to participate in project IDO. SuiPad Staking & Tiering go hand-in-hand. To qualify for a specific tier, you must stake $SUIP tokens on SuiPad.There are 6 tiers, namely:Ruby: 2,500 SUIP staked Sapphire: 5,000 SUIP staked Emerald: 10,000 SUIP staked Diamond: 30,000 SUIP staked Crown: 50,000 SUIP staked Sui: 100,000 SUIP staked The more SUIP you stake, the higher tier you earn, the bigger allocation size you get for project IDO. There will be a 15 days of cool-down period after staking. We constantly review our tiering, weightage and distribution mechanism to ensure the most fair model for our community.SuiPad Lock MultiplierSuiPad Lock Multiplier system enables SUIP stakers to enjoy a higher tier without having to stake additional tokens. When you lock your staked SUIP for a predefined term, you'll be able to enjoy a multiplier to your staked SUIP There are 3 locking terms you can choose, each with a set multiplier:3 months → 1.3x Multiplier 6 months → 1.5x Multiplier 12 months → 2x Multiplier Eg: Kelly who staked 2500 SUIP (Ruby tier), decided to lock the staked SUIP for 12 months, she will then receive a 2x multiplier for her staked SUIP resulting the smart contract recognizing it as 5000 SUIP (2500 SUIP x 2), hence she is now getting the Sapphire tier. 12 months later, Kelly's staked SUIP is now unlocked, she will get her tier refreshed from Sapphire back to Ruby, and she can unstake the 2500 SUIP that she staked one year ago. This Lock Multiplier mechanism allows our committed community to be able to earn a higher tier without having to stake additional tokens, at the same time contribute to overall governance of SUIP.SuiPad Shark Tank (SuiTank)SuiTank is a reality show series in which Web3 builders pitch their business to a panel of venture capitalists to secure investment from them. This is so-called the Web3 Shark Tank. The show features a panel of experienced VC, termed as "Sharks", who listen to builders' pitches for their business or product. These VC will judge the business concepts and products pitched and then decide whether to invest, live on the show. The participants are Web3 builders, product designers, or service operators who have what they consider to be a viable and potentially very promising project, but who lack funding and/or business acumen. Before the show, the participants have named a specific amount of funds they wish to get along with a % in the project that the participants is offering to sell to the VC. The rules stipulate that if they do not raise at least this amount from the sharks, they get nothing. The sharks probe the idea further once the participants has made the presentation. This will either reveal a sound business proposition resulting in an investment offer from one or more of the sharks or a withdrawal from the transaction by all of the sharks. SuiTank is a reality show which is meant to be a educational program for community to learn from the experienced VCs on how to analyze a project, and a platform for builders to showcase their products and eventually raise funds. Stay tuned for SuiTank!SuiPad AcademySuiPad Academy is a 16-week full online Web3 coding bootcamp that trains people to become Web3 developers. We offer full-time, 16-week program that covers the front end and back end technologies, computer science fundamentals, as well as Web3 development that includes SuiMove as the core. Remote classes are live and interactive, and include one-on-one help, professional mentorship, opportunities to build real products, and frequent code reviews. We also help students find employment within Web3 space by providing interview preparation, portfolio review, effective resume writing tips, and salary negotiation practice. To participate, students will need to purchase $6,000 worth of $SUIP tokens and stake on SuiPad throughout the 16 weeks of learning.


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